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Summer Trips For High School Students

Lena Said:

trip out west ....high school student?

We Answered:

my friend dropped out of year ten and he said it was really fun and stuff but he never went on trips and stuff nd im sorry to hear about your parents and all but im hoping it will all work out for you in the end :)

Vicki Said:

What are some good places to take students for field trips in Houston, TX?

We Answered:

Houston -
Ice Skating
Downtown Aquarium
The "Garage Mahal" (FREE!)
Miller Outdoor Theater (FREE!)
Calendar of Events -…

-Moddy Gardens
-Pier 21 Theatre
-The also have a variety of tours of the island you can get more info @

The Woodlands
There are several really beautiful parks w/ lakes

Also, you could try

I know you said you already did the museums but you might have overlooked the Children's Museum because you are dealing w/ high school students but I (22) recently went w/ my sister (17) and we still had a blast!

Carla Said:

senior trip ideas for 4 high school students?

We Answered:

Oh! I know the perfect thing: have a roadtrip to the closest river/ocean/beach area. Get away from your everyday life! Go to somewhere natural. :) Picnic under a tree and just play games. Another thing is to jump into your swimwear and horseplay around. You can rent a boat or something and go fishing or speed through the water.

To orangize NIGHTTIME...have a "camping trip". Make a crackling campfire! Tell scary stories, truthordares, jokes, embarassing moments, and FUN GAMES. To find a site go to or soemthing. To pack, bring a folding camp chair, rain gear, sleeping bags. To bring stuff to eat, bring spoilproofs like cereal, mac'n cheese (with a pot, powderedmilk, water,etc), and granola bars and more. You can play flag football or something. TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES TO CAPTURE THE you can look back at them!!

Or you can just go to the hotels that let 18 year olds, I'm sure MOST hotels let 18s...but you have to make sure though. When you plan the hotel, ask ask ask! Dont leave anything out or else you will regret it. :)

Have fun!

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