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Summer Writing Programs For High School Students

Gertrude Said:

How do you write a "personal statement" for a summer college course program?

We Answered:

Include the reasons why this class would benefit you and what you would bring to the class. I would include something like this:

"As a high school teacher, I can offer my knowledge of working with students on their writing. I hope to learn more about how to address different learning styles and levels of writing."

Herman Said:

Summer program for a high school student interested in photography, web design, and/or sports journalism?

We Answered:

sign up at
by the way im not advertising FastWeb but many high schools encourage kids like you to sign up for it. There you just have to answer questions about your interests. Afterwards you have your own page there in which FastWeb finds scholarships, internships, colleges, and majors that match up with your interests, age, etc. im entering a writing competition for an analysis of a book. good scholarship! and there are internships which you could find matching your area or whatever. so check it out, anyway, it will be very handy later in your high school life. why not start early?

yeah photography is cool

Priscilla Said:

Which College Summer Program For H.S. Students Should I Apply to?

We Answered:

I have also looked at programs like these too. I liked what i read about the ones from Georgetown and Cornell and also Brown sounded pretty good. I also really liked what i read about at the one at Boston University. The one at Boston University has one for 2 weeks without college credit and one for six weeks with college credit. I'm pretty sure you can take the one for college credit starting the summer you are going in your junior year.

The six week Boston university program for college credit:…

The two week Boston university program without college credit:…

Good Luck!

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