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Survey Topics For High School Students

Pamela Said:

I need survey ideas, for high school students. I already have recycling. Any more? Please and thank you! :)?

We Answered:

-Whether or not they have a set career in mind for their future.
(you may want to narrow in on this and have them vote for the main category that said career falls into)

-Whether or not they feel like there's too much drugs or alcohol within their school's culture.
(this may not apply to your school specifically, but unfortunately it applies to many different schools)

-Whether they're actually satisfied with the school lunches or not.
(or perhaps how many people go off campus, and list the different restaurants, how many buy delivered pizza, if available, how many bring lunch, and how many buy school-made food)

Just to name a few. I may come back and edit more in. (:

Claude Said:

good questions to create a survey about if students with non traditional families have lower g.p.a.'s?

We Answered:

Who does your immediate family consist of?

My G.P.A. is very important to me. True or False
Place these in the order of your high school priority...
Creating Lasting Memories with classmates
Getting good grades and a high G.P.A.
Creating long relationships with my teachers
I just want it to be over

Please pick the best that describes you,
I mostly get A's
I mostly get B's
I mostly get C's
I mostly get D's
I mostly get F's

What is your G.P.A. ?

These are just a few examples of survey qs. This way you can make your own observations and see if there's even a pattern in the response.Also you should not assume that all high school students know what a G.P.A. is or that they know what theirs is. Trust me! Good Luck!!!

Shirley Said:

What is a high school students favorite clothing store/brand?

We Answered:


american eagle
pac sunnnnnn


Rodney Said:

Good Survey Topic//Question?

We Answered:

Should there be a predefined percentage (range) for grade per class, like A,B,C,D, and fail?

It touches well on the perception of justice, group vs individual, free-market vs. socialism, etc.

Roberta Said:

What's a good survey idea for a high school pyschology class?

We Answered:

Visit this site:……

Debra Said:

Unbiased Survey Help . . .?

We Answered:

Name some ways that art/music will help a person after leaving high school.

Are more students helped or hindered by taking art/music in high school?

Which students would not be helped by taking art/music in school?

Besides having a career in art/music, are there any other ways that they would help a person after high school?

Would the time spent in art/music class be more beneficial in other subjects? Which ones?

Should art/music be a mandatory or elective subject?

I hope those help, For those who don't know, unbiased means that the surveyor's views are not shown. The questions should not be slanted to give a favorable or unfavorable response.

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