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Teaching High School Students

Angel Said:

Do you agree that teaching high school students about contraceptives is illegal?

We Answered:

it seems? = it is clearly evident

Luis Said:

How to teach high school students about God?

We Answered:…

Nelson Said:

Is memorization an ineffective way of teaching high school students things?

We Answered:

Well, it CAN be. It depends on how often a student uses what they memorize. I had to memorize things in high school that I don't remember (the Gettysburg Address, for instance) because I never had to use it again afterward. However, I also had to memorize all of the prepositions, which I remember easily because I use that knowledge in every day speech. In my opinion, memorization won't necessarily help you retain the information you're forced to memorize (in some cases), but it will exercise that area of the brain so you don't grow up to be a forgetful person. It seems it has many long-term benefits. So while you may not need to know all of the stuff you're memorizing, practicing the act of memorization will help you remember something you may need to know in real life. Also, I haven't been keeping up much in science, but I remember hearing somewhere that it's theorized that exercising your memory could help stave off Alzheimer's. Not sure how true that is, but I'm sure it couldn't hurt!

Paul Said:

Will I be able to overcome my feeling of intimidatation of teaching high school students?

We Answered:

yes. i teach second grade and honestly i have a fear of being around children. i always am afraid i am going to mess up and hurt them or their parents are going to get mad at me for saying something bad.

i still feel like that sometimes, but it's not nearly as intense.

Renee Said:

Is teaching high school students really that bad?

We Answered:

No, teaching high school students is not that bad, unless your teaching in a bad school district. What really determines how good or bad your students will be is how well you connect with your students. If you are able to connect with them on a personal level then you can really make a difference in their lives. And if your class was noisy or disruptive you could always either yell at them, tell them that you'll give them a detention/ other form of punishment, or this one chem lab/ physics teacher I had, because experiments could get noisy, would use a air horn to get the class' attention

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