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Team Building Activities For High School Students

Phillip Said:

Any team bonding activies?

We Answered:

I'm a senior in high school and also captain of our varsity soccer team. what i did was have team dinners after the games (no fun runnin on a full stomach lol), team movie nights, ect. you could also try to organize a team trip to a MLS game.
What also worked for my team was to all attend the same soccer camps in the summer.

Christian Said:

What would be a good/easy team building activity for high school band students?

We Answered:

Search for team team building games based on the age and size of your group at

Louise Said:

Becoming Student Council Advisor?

We Answered:

I think there's a national Student Council organization that could help you. Over time, you'll figure out activities, fundraisers, etc.

Guy Said:

Good team building/leadership activities for a argumentative class?

We Answered:

alright well i think i have a solution. don't let them choose their partners. order them in numbers. write down the numbers then draw numbers to see who gets in who's group so then it is completly fair. it worked for my class. good luck :)

Gene Said:

Team Building Activities?

We Answered:

do a trust walk. one partner is blindfolded, spun around and guided around by the other partner. change roles after 10 minutes. if you want, you can make the partners walk through an easy obstacle course.

Evelyn Said:

Need help on written article?

We Answered:

I would chnge partook to took part. I think it looks good no better than good for a high school student. Just change that one word because it makes the sentence slow down.

Anna Said:

Team building Activities for High School Students?

We Answered:

volunteering is a good way to become closer, other then that you can find basic trust exercises on websites

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