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Time Management College

Tammy Said:

What are some effective time management techniques that I can use to enhance my study time with my college cou?

We Answered:

Time Management tips

1. Start papers, projects, assignments at least a week ahead of when they are due

2. Use your resources to help you complete your tasks

3. Find a quiet place to complete all your work (library, third floor of the student union etc).

4. Work on all your assignments at one time - pick which ones you want to do first, get it started to your liking and then start another assignment. This will really help you because you'll have at least something started for all of your assignments and it will reduce the amount of time to finish the project, paper, assignment

5. Work on your projects etc over several days

6. DON'T PROCRASTINATE! (not shouting, emphasizing)


Marie Said:

Help with college time management?

We Answered:

i think you should def go out and buy a planner, one that has the days already labeled, that way you can jot down assignments due, days you have to work and other important events. this way, you can check to see what you have due, it takes alot of stress away.
as far as studying, its hard to do when you live with other people, i found it was easy to study in the library or other quiet areas. bringing your computer is a no no, i always found myself checkin aim or other stupid things that distracted me. i think gettin someone to study with is also a good idea, having reinforcement with areas is a great way to study. good luck!

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