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Time Management Education

Patrick Said:

California universities providing hotel and restaurant management education?

We Answered:

No offense, but your best bet would be to come up to Las Vegas, and go to UNLV... We have a really good hotel and business management school... and being a largely hotel/casino/restaurant industry city, you will most definitly have a job out of college.... It's not that far away from California... and you'd be where the "market" for such a job is...

Check out UNLV's website... And I wish you the best...

Ricardo Said:

WHERE DO WE GO FROM iin sex education to our kids?

We Answered:

so what exactly was the question you wanted answered or are ya just written a book? so confusing

Juanita Said:

What business courses can I do instead of a full time masters course?

We Answered:

Business core courses no matter if its acntng, management, international bus they all have to take these courses and are usually but not limited to, business, micro and macro economics and accounting. I suggest you start with Business so you wont go into the hard stuff lke accounting at first. Very interesting field I love it.

Jennie Said:

Why do we require public schools to teach sex education but not basic money management?

We Answered:


Ralph Said:

Why do jobs have such silly qualifications listed as requirements?

We Answered:

The people who post the ads are not usually the ones who write the requirements. The ones who do the interviewing and such rarely see the ads. They are the ones who list the more serious requirements.

Holly Said:

Is it time to start shorting the for profit schools sector?

We Answered:

I wouldn't touch these toxic assets with a 10ft pole. Without student loan money, these businesses are dead money. And the Government is working on ways to attach strings to that loan money, which means fewer students will make the grade. And that means less income.

The future of these schools are bleak as being Wall Street darlings. I would short them, but with a long term time horizon.

Ann Said:

looking for a bachelors course in Marketing Management with Part Time or Distance Education Option...?

We Answered:

I am currently enrolled in Baker college online. Its a good school, and convenient.

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