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Time Management For Student

Jane Said:

Struggling with time management and the boyfriend...?

We Answered:

Its a problem if you guys don't communicate. If you guys were to talk about it, I'm sure this problem could be easily worked out, but if you guys don't have a talk about it, I doubt if there's much hope for the relationship. You really should carve out 15 minutes at least to talk to him about it. Remind him that this isn't going to last forever, and if he's in the relationship for the long haul, it will be better for the two of you in the end.
In the mean time, I would try to carve out some time each day to be with him, even if its just 15 minutes a day. Also, if he got really involved with something, maybe he wouldn't feel so left out.
But the most important thing you guys need to do is talk about your concerns and make sure its even worth sacrificing for. You guys need to be frank with each other so you can evaluate the status of your relationship, where it is going, and whether or not you want to continue with it given the circumstances. You wouldn't want to feel like you were misled into waisting your time if it doesn't work out down the road, and you wouldn't want to regret leaving a relationship you could have salvaged. You two need to evaluate now.

Marshall Said:

what is the role of time management for a student? (anybody pls answer)

We Answered:

The role of time management for a student is to ensure they know when to work and when to "play" as they say. In other words...manage your time appropriately between classes/work/recreation. Also, it has to do with managing the time you put into each class. The way you manage your time is going to determine how successful you are comparatively in each class because if you spend all of your time on the US history you may get an A...but you're neglecting all of your other courses.

Amy Said:

Time Management Tips for Student Athletes?

We Answered:

Thanks. This will be very helpful.

Edward Said:

I feel like I am going CRAZZY, time management help...?

We Answered:

It sure sounds like you have a lot going on!

My life is not as hectic as yours but here are a few things that might make things a little easier:

- have a place for everything (no stress about trying to find your keys, wallet etc for more household tips for time management…

- establish cleaning routines (for example do a little often, quick clean of the bathroom every morning after your shower will stop you having to spend ages on it.) this site has a lot of great tips about how to get your house in order. (it is set up a bit weird and can be a bit hard to find what you want, but it is worth a look)

- you didn't mention taking your kids to the park, but instead of the gym you could take the kids for a run around and do a workout at the playground (google, "playground exercises")

- try keeping a time log for a week to see exactly how you are spending your time. It will help you to see "time leaks"

- make sure you schedule some down time. Otherwise you are just going to burn out. YOu may also want to make sure you and your husband have some quality time together as well.

All the best.

Rodney Said:

Will working part time whilst you're full time uni student will make it easier for you to find job after grad?

We Answered:

Having worked almost full-time every one of my years at uni (7 and counting), I can safely say that it did help my later career. It shows that you have discipline and motivation, because working on top of studying is VERY hard. I've been working properly, then studying while working part time, then working properly again then studying again for the last decade and my previous "small job" experience has always been brought up in "real job" interviews.

Discuss It!

what should i write my research paper on said:

For student time management is a big issue and it is always recommended to find the ideas that will be helpful to use and know how to manage the time while studying. There are a lot of people who like to help the students in doing these things and it is a great idea to talk about the time management.

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