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Time Management In College

Clayton Said:

Questions about College/ Time Management?

We Answered:

Alan A -

You may need to cut back on the extracurricular activities. It will be essential if you plan to keep that schedule to manage your time. Here are some time management suggestions:…

God luck!

Sarah Said:

Questions about College/Time Management?

We Answered:

The one thing a college graduate has that another doesn't is time management skills. Or at least they should.
Figure for every credit there is approx 2 hrs study time.
Add up how many credits you are taking a week, multiply by 2.5.
Add up travel time,
add up class time.
add up sleeping.
add up down time, time you may want to see ur friends...
then add up how many hours are in a week.
If you can do a few hrs of work out great, but I doubt 5 hrs a day....

Gina Said:

Help with college time management...!!!?

We Answered:

Other than you didn't give enough information, it seems you should have figured this out before starting classes. As it's not like your a kid and this is your first rodeo.

Sean Said:

Question about college time management?

We Answered:

Not only do we have the same avatar, but we are in the same situation. my mom wants me to work and go to school. I am taking 18 units on tuesday and thursdays only. I also have a boyfriend and I am worried that he might drag me down a bit while I am trying to do well in school(by tempting me to do something else besides study or go to class) Anyways, just make sure you set aside time for studying, and if you get a job, then limit it to the weekends or night shifts on days that you don't go to school the next day. Set aside a special night for you and your boyfriend once a week. My boyfriend and I do this- we call it date night, ever saturday night is our dinner and a movie night, either at home or out on the town. Good luck, and I hope you do well!


David Said:

What do you think is the best way do to time management in college?

We Answered:

The most important thing is to start every assignment as early as possible. The students who sleep best and get the best grades are the ones who have their papers ready to hand in at least a week before they're due. Some assignments won't be handed out early, and you'll have to do them the same week they're assigned; while you're working on these assignments, you're going to be really happy to have the bigger, long-term projects well underway.

The next most important thing is to sleep well every night and to eat properly. You'll be inclined to go hang out with friends or, if you're like me, stare at your computer for no reason until 3am. Fight the urge. Be strong. Get 8 hours of sleep every night, and eat plenty of protein and carbohydrates for breakfast. Your brain needs this stuff.

You will not likely be able to follow just one of these suggestions: they become a cycle, and if you slack off on one it will make the other nearly impossible.

Good luck!

Tracy Said:

How can I avoid being burned out while working a part-time job as a full-time college student?

We Answered:

Coming from a person that's been working and going to school since she was a Junior in high school, I think I may be able to help.

First, take it slow. Like unbearable, not really making much slow. This is usually the first mistake I see people make that come from going to school to working. I'd say just working the weekends for a little bit, until you get the hang of going to school and working long shifts. Then, when you feel ready (so, maybe two weeks to a month), add one week day, usually a Friday or a Monday, something will still coincide with the working.

Soon, you'll get into the the rhythm of going to school and working but always remember to have a steady work schedule. Make it so that you always have one or two days off. For example, in high school, I always had Tuesdays and Thursday off, mostly because in the fall I would have practices for things but in the Spring I kept it because it gave me those two guaranteed days of freedom. Keep something like this and you wont have that dreaded feeling of having to work everyday on a week that you have a major assignment due.

It's always good to know that when you need to take a break, due. If you think you've taken too much on, just face the facts and limit working (school is always more important).

As a major point, always try and ask off for the week of finals. It'll do you good. Make sure you ask early, though, so as to beat everyone else.

And finally, pick a job that you know you'll like and you feel you could do properly. If you hate your job, it'll make you burn out faster. Trust me on this one.

Anyways, I hope I've helped! Good luck with everything, hon!

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