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Time Management School

Alicia Said:

time management, how do guys go to work full time and school full time and still have time to work out?

We Answered:

I know a guy who does this. One of his classes is weight training.

There are things you can do every day that will fit into your schedule:

Take the stairs whenever possible

Park further away from the building

If you have any time at all to watch tv , get up and do something during the commercials - running in place, jumping jacks or whatever.

Scrub your tub vigorously to work your arms and shoulders, or get a rag and wipe down the doors and woodwork in your place, it all burns calories and tones muscles.

Ryan Said:

I have to a time management journal for school what is the best way to print it out? Should I do it in 1/2 hr?

We Answered:

Faster the better.

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