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Time Management Tips For High School Students

Ron Said:

Check my resume. Give me tips. Help with cover letter I don't have one! ?!?

We Answered:

Nicole, I am happy to review your resume if you send it via Word doc...I can really edit it that way (formatting, etc.) Also, I can help you with a cover letter - drop me a line.

Bob Said:

Need some homework/school advice?

We Answered:

heey- just be honest and apologize to her saying that you know this was your mistake and that you won't repeat it! say it like you mean it

umm as for time management - to be honest- that's what i am working on that as well- one thing i noticed is that i don't use my time at school very well so i end up with a lot of homework- no i try to get as much work done at school as i possibly can

alsoi realized that i leave stuff to the very last minute- and it seems as if you are doing the same thing- try to finish the stuff or atleast most of it the same day you get it

lastly get a whiteboard-write down all the stuff you have to get done -and stick it in your room- it will keep on reminding you of how much you have left to do- that way you'll do it faster

good luck- hope i helped

Debra Said:

how can I make myself look older for work?

We Answered:

Maybe wear a blouse and jacket, and don't wear your hair in a pony tail. A bun, maybe. Or even better, an elegant french twist. I think a scarf elegantly draped or knotted, or tied at the neck is a very professional accessory. Use a shade of lipstick that isn't too strong, but not invisible, and define your lipline with a pencil first. A nice brick red, deep rose or muted mauve would work well- depends on your skintone. And finish with a dusting of translucent powder for a matte complexion- keep the compact with you at school. Nothing looks more like a teenager than shiny skin. You want to look polished and precise.

Roger Said:

How can I efficiently utilize time? How do you do it?

We Answered:

Managing your time and using it wisely is a journey, and not something that can be easily mastered overnight. Implementing a plan will help, but it is not going to be a sure cure. Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

This article contains some great no-nonsense tips for increasing your productivity and effectively managing your time:…

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