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Time Management Tips

Leona Said:

Can you share your best time management tips?

We Answered:

Work to a list.
Do up a roster like list allocating times for jobs etc. I have a shift working husband, one child at secondary school, one at primary school and one l take to playgroup. I also paint, write and keep books for a home business and do school committee duties, oh yeah, and l shop, cook, clean, wash, fold, sort, love, listen, garden and mow lawns. I think that is it. Right now l should be doing all of the above but this is my 1/2hr to be on Q&A.
I would be lost without my list, write it and stick to it!!

Anthony Said:

Single Parents Out There, what are your best time management tips?

We Answered:

First of all your friend needs to step up. She made the choices that got her here and she needs to take care of business. Second, don't make excueses EVER. Be realistic about what you can get done in a certain amount of time and plan accordingly. Third, don't take on more than you can actually accomplish, then just do it.

Claire Said:

What book/website was the source of these time management tips?

We Answered:

Are you sure, these are from the same book/website? Except for "Be aware that everything that you own will place some time demand on you", it sound like you could be talking about "10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management" by Hyrum W. Smith.

Joel Said:

Does anyone have good time management tips?

We Answered:

Here is an outline you should follow to a t and it will work:

1. Set your tasks clearly
2. Set a deadline to each task
3. Really commit to finish your tasks
4. The best you could do is finding a very good time management software. There is one called The Action Machine, I can recommend it since I use it daily with very good results.

I hope to be useful

Denise Said:

energetic time management tips for doing the works at home?

We Answered:

Plan out all your house hold chores and Business job.
Draw weekly as well as daily tentative schedule and try to maintain to the possible extent.

i Keep fixed hours, for Business jobs.

ii Avoid piling up any sort of house hold chores for week end.

iii Also ensure, to keep up all the promises you keep.

With all the Best.

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