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Topics For Research Papers For High School Students

Donna Said:

any interesting topics for my research paper?.......i`m a 4th year high school student?

We Answered:

It would help if you mentioned the subject it is for.

Darlene Said:

Research topic. Study about students who travel regularly?

We Answered:

Overseas travel and school results.
Holidays effect exams marks?
Travelling makes children smarter?
Major effects on children's exam results.

It's a curly one. Hope you are better than I am at finding a satisfactory attack point.

Virginia Said:

Now let me say that I really need a good topic for the term/research paper. Topics that are well-sourced?

We Answered:

Why not do one on the electorial system- does it still work? or Does every vote really count?

Cheryl Said:

What is a good topic for a research paper that affects high school students?

We Answered:

All the shootings of students that have happened in the last few years.

Larry Said:

Teachers: Have any creative ideas for a high school civics research paper?

We Answered:

1. Are teenagers really poor drivers?

2. Are the police unduly hard on teenage drivers?

3. Do store owners "assume" that teens are shoplifters when they are in their store?

4. Why is the student council effective(or ineffective) in this school?

5. How well does this community respond to the politics of the time by voting in local, state, and national elections?

6. In examining the school budget, how much of the items are "fixed" costs?

7. How do parents and the police feel about advertising that sex offenders live in the neighborhoods of your community?

8. Convince your teacher and principal that there are rules in the school that are unfair and need to be changed.

9. Should there be compulsory education for everyone until they are 16 or until they graduate?

I hope these few help. I tried to make them so they would appeal to turned off students.

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