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Tutoring For High School Students

Sarah Said:

Do you think $42.50/hour for tutoring high school students is expensive?

We Answered:

Tutoring prices vary dramatically.

You live in an area where cost of living is high.
One on one tutoring from a certified teacher in your area is often much higher.
your tutor has a language specialty - market prices may drive her demand higher.

You could possibly find a more qualified tutor - but you might not find a lower rate.

You could look into group tutoring - it often charges less because you get less face time.

Find a local college and place an ad in their student union - There are often many starving college students looking to make a buck - often their teacher preparation programs are a source of tutors.

Isaac Said:

What is an appropriate 1-on-1 tutoring rate for high school students in the Bay Area, California?

We Answered:

An in-person tutor can charge a higher rate but you are restricted to specific area - smaller market of potential students. If you tutor online, the rate is lower but you can have more students. Think outside the box! Don't restrict yourself to the Bay Area or even California. Try online tutoring. Then you can have a worldwide market of potential students. Try sites like:



(3) ... many other sites (use search engine)

Good luck!

Ramona Said:

Need a tutor that does tutoring for high school students or tutoring for all ages.?

We Answered:

Private tutors will charge you on an hourly rate. If I were you, I'll try some of the free online tutoring services first. Some of these sites provide tutoring by qualified tutors on a voluntary basis. Responses by these tutors might not be prompt, but at least its's free... You can give this one a go:

Douglas Said:

How much should i look to be paid tutoring mandarin to high school students in singapore part-time?

We Answered:

It should be around $30-$40 per hour depending on your qualification/experience. However if you teach online, you will be earning in US$, as well as having more flexible work hours. Try these sites:



(3) .... and many other sites

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TutorComp said:

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