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Tutoring High School Students

Wade Said:

How much should I charge to tutor high school students?

We Answered:

Im a high school student and I tutor other high school students. I usually get 20-30 an hour. My approach is to negotiate a price fitting their salary. Sometimes you may make more charging them by session then by hour if you understand. Negotiate the price with each family is your best bet. Setting too low of a price will make you look like a lower grade of tutor and setting too high will look like your just trying to make money. If you negotiate with the family, they perceive you as in it for the high school kids rather than just making money because you know something someone else does not.

Roberta Said:

What should I charge to tutor high school students in math and/or science subjects?

We Answered:

Anywhere from $15-$20 an hour. (At least.)

Barbara Said:

I will be doing personal math tutoring for high school and elementary students. How much should charge?

We Answered:

Private tutors charge anywhere from $10 to $25, or more sometimes. Your rates should reflect your knowledge, how much you are actually helping others, and how much people in your area can afford. I personally charge only $12/hour for math tutoring because the college students around here are usually nearly broke. Maybe you can try an "introductory rate" until you feel confident in your abilities, and then raise it...

Thomas Said:

high school tutoring club?

We Answered:

Why not? I don't see why the high school students wouldn't interested. While they are helping others out and doing community service, they are also helping themselves out by reteaching others what they already learned, therefore reviewing themselves. As for the parents, since you give them a free session to see if they like it or not, it is a great way for their kids to get help on what they need help on and it is cheap also. Another thing is that the parents don't have to drive them anywhere so it is convenient for them too.
I think this tutoring thing is a great idea. Good Luck! ^-^

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