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Volunteer High School Students

Tyler Said:

Can high school students volunteer in universities?

We Answered:

It's worth a try, but your chances of getting a position are not good. Grad students have the first pick of summer research jobs, then undergrads. Undergrads are often nearly useless as it is and require a lo of training; high school students are even worse. And since psychology is a very popular major, and there's not much you can do with it if you don't go to grad school, all the undergrads will be fighting for the few positions available to look good for grad school.

Jessica Said:

Can high school students be volunteer firefighters?

We Answered:

In rural NC where I live- yes. I'm sure you can't take part in all of the duties/responsibilities, but I had several friends who were volunteers when in high school. They were trained in CPR and were certified as "first responders". Agree with first answer: check with your local station! Good Luck

Thomas Said:

Does anyone know any radio stations or TV stations in TORONTO that allow high school students to volunteer?

We Answered:

Local cable operators usually have a local events station which is usually staffed by volunteers.

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