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Volunteer Hours For High School Students

Bradley Said:

Where can I volunteer to get my "40 hours" done? (For high school)?

We Answered:

You can find a HUGE variety of volunteering programs in your area via these web sites:
Network for Good,

Also, contact your local volunteer center; you can find this via the Points of Light Foundation web site,
All list volunteering opportunities with thousands of organizations.

There's also this government sponsored site, which provides volunteer positions through USA federal land agencies like Fish & Wildlife, Forest Service, National Parks, etc.

If you want to be a volunteer to help with the consequences of a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina, you need to register and prepare NOW. Here's a web site where you can register and start your preparation so that you can help the next time disaster strikes:

Sally Said:

How do you get volunteer hours for high school?

We Answered:

you don't really need any forms. you can just write it on a line piece of paper. write down the date you did your volunteer work, what the event was, how many hours you did, and let one of the people in charge sign it. you can then give the paper to the school when they ask. i am not sure if it's like that for you, but yea.

Linda Said:

I have a general question about volunteer hours for a high school student?

We Answered:

Each school is likely to have a different process for this. Maybe you should ask them?

Eugene Said:

Is 150 volunteer hours good for a high school student in 3 weeks?

We Answered:

Admissions counselors don't care so much about how much time was spent as a volunteer, (it's very difficult to compare s.o. who worked a lot of hours because they were in a camp setting, as opposed to a part time job) but to what degree it affected you, reflected your interests, and made you a more worthy and well-rounded candiate for a degree in higher education.

Speak of the experience in your essay and make that connection apparent. That's how the experience can help you.

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