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Volunteer Summer Programs For High School Students

Byron Said:

BS/MD Programs after High school?

We Answered:

Colleges only look at unweighted GPAs unless they specifically state otherwise. Taking advanced classes helps a lot, but won't necessarily help your GPA. You'd have a chance, but they are very competitive. Try getting an EMT license - that would look good, and you could really help people instead of just carrying flowers around the hospital.

Sue Said:

Best international volunteer program?

We Answered:

My husband and I plan on going through Amerispan. If you don't like the look of it, try

*Edit* Peace Corps service tends to be a 27 month commitment, so that's not for them. Try the sites I listed.

Courtney Said:

Looking to volunteer abroad?

We Answered:

hi there ,volunttering is a good buliding block for life good on you for wanting to do is acouple of links

take alook for yourself mate.

Betty Said:

High school freshman college plans. . Assistance please?

We Answered:

You are doing very well and re on track particularly for an 8th grade student. Keep it up.

Please be aware though that Ivy League colleges and top tier colleges turn down many very well qualified applicants each year./

Good luck.

Cassandra Said:

Can you help me find a volunteer abroad program...?

We Answered:

What you are proposing is illegal in Taiwan.
The government requires, for English teachers to be legal:
1: Passports from certain English-speaking countries.
2. A degree from an accredited English-speaking university
3. A one-year contract.

In my opinion, the objective is to discourage "backpacker English teachers".

I appreciate that you are willing to volunteer, but the government restricts that also. I can't say I blame them--there is nothing to stop an unscrupulous school from taking on "volunteers" and paying cash under the table.

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