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Volunteering Opportunities For High School Students

Jonathan Said:

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT engineer volunteering/internship?

We Answered:

i have some informations but i cant post it up here
so i'll send you email =)

check your email ! <3

Thelma Said:

UN volunteer opportunity for high school students?

We Answered:

Lynne Truss attributes an early form of the question mark to Alcuin of York.[2] Truss describes the punctus interrogativus of the late 700s as "a lightning flash, striking from right to left", a mark looking like this. The punctuation system of Aelius Donatus, current through the Early Middle Ages, used only simple dots at various heights. This early question mark was a decoration of one of these dots, with the "lightning flash" perhaps meant to denote intonation, and perhaps associated with early musical notation like neumes[3][4].

The symbol is also sometimes [5] thought to originate from the Latin quaesti? (that is, qvaestio), meaning "question", which was abbreviated during the Middle Ages to Qo. The uppercase Q was written above the lowercase o, and this mark was transformed into the modern symbol.

The name "question mark" was coined in the late 1800s by Lee Coleman.[6]

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