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Work For High School Students

Joy Said:

Where can I look for companies that will let high school students work for a day in the Los Angeles area?

We Answered:

There isn't much students can learn in one day. As Roderick mentioned, speak to parents at the school, but a one day lesson would be more like a tour. If you really want kids to have a lesson, they should be doing ongoing community service. My son's high school participates in many community service situations that makes for good business training. They answer phones, do clerical work, tutor kids, arrange big charity events, etc. Many end up being hired over the summer for paid jobs.

Good luck!

Steve Said:

Does anyone else work with high school students and find quite a bit of them extremely disrespectful?

We Answered:

Hi. These students that you are referring to are simply a reflection of our society nowadays...the loss of moral values...parents working and no time for being the, drugs, alcohol, and other addictions being the main focus...the continuous absence of a role model of respect...and there we teachers...most of the time being the only figure demanding respect in their lives...and this is what keeps us teachers working hard to help guide them because in most of these cases we are all they have and if you know what you are doing you can make a difference in their lives...we must always look deeper...not just that side of rebellious actions that they tend to show...but search more and find strategies to help them and educate them. Good luck.

Sergio Said:

Do House Of Fraser Accept High School Students For Work Experience?

We Answered:

Right young Jacob, I agree with Ash you have a tongue in your head get on the phone and ask away , or write a nice letter to the top ten companies that you think you would like to work for then await their replies . BUT !!!!!!!!!!!
Do not take no for an answer be persistent and keep asking , for every NO you get you are getting nearer to the YES good luck now go out to the big bad world and sell your self in the nicest possible of course lol

Carole Said:

high school students! : when do you start doing work in high school , the first day?

We Answered:

I start school on tuesday when i registered I was told that the first day of school is freshman (im a freshman) and it's just supposed to be fun day so we probly won't get hw till the 3rd day

Dwight Said:

can high school students work as paralegals?

We Answered:

idk if you can work as a paralegal but u can work in a law office

Martha Said:

Does Hooters do work experience for high school students?

We Answered:

"a bob job"? "co ledge"? Either you're a troll or English is your second language. I'm going with the first.

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