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Writing Contests For High School Students 2010

Harry Said:

What are my chances at Brown University for Regular Fall 2009 Decision?

We Answered:

That's impressive - both academically and non-academically :)

Don't worry, just try for it... you'll never know unless you make the first step.

Good luck and all the best to you in your application!

Heidi Said:

Will you tell me what you think of my short story?

We Answered:

A good short story usually consists of a dramatic situation with an ironic conclusion. It usually contains dialogue and more than one principal character.

Melvin Said:

What are my chances at columbia,cornell or uc berkeley?

We Answered:


Hehe, JK. But seriously.... You don't have to friggin gloat.

Roland Said:

What are my chances at columbia,cornell or mit?

We Answered:

You have participated in too many extra-curriculars, so you will not be able to talk about all of them anyways.

Your SAT I score is too low. You might still be able to get into Cornell or Columbia since your SAT II marks are perfect, but definitely not MIT. You should try to get at least 2100 on your SAT I instead of being too involved in your community. Good Luck!

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