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George Said:

Do you know a high school student who has taken action to create a better world?

We Answered:

Yes, I know many who have taken action in various ways. The young are natural idealists. I give generously to my alma mater, and particularly to the scholarship fund that provides tuition aid to an incoming student who has been active in gay/lesbian awareness groups in his/her HS.

Georgia Said:

Who wants to see high school year book pictures of some of our favorite musicians?

We Answered:

i want to see chris martin
i bet he had a jew fro.

Bob Said:

What is the best time to show my report card to the director for IB High School admission?

We Answered:

You should just call to find out from the school to which you are applying and find out their admission requirements.

The schools in the US just require a certian GPA.

So, if doesn't matter if you wait until you ear all A's, they are going to receive your entire transcript - that inculdes you current and past grades.

Good luck.

Eva Said:

what class in high school should i take to study political science?

We Answered:

I received my undergraduate education at the University of Maryland, majoring in political science; followed that up with a Masters in political science at Virginia Tech. (In the process of applying to PhD programs.)

At the high school level, there would be just a few general recommendations:

Doing well in your government courses (especially AP level) would be the most obvious. Similar performance in other social science courses would also be advisable.

I would also recommend pursuing as many higher level math courses as possible. Doing well in math is advantageous not only for your academic resume but also in association with work you may be doing at the undergraduate level (or graduate level, depending upon how far you want to pursue political science). Depending upon which aspects of political science you are pursuing (e.g. public policy, political theory, political history, comparative politics, etc.), the integration of mathematical formulae is becoming more and more commonplace. This is because of an increasing number of political theories, if you will, being proposed and defended upon the basis of mathematical and/or statistical foundations (combined with other forms of argument).

So along these lines, if there are any statistics courses that you might be able to take, I would highly advise doing so. Political science integrates statistics in most aspects of study and application, so if you already have familiarity with this subject it will be to your great advantage.

Your adeptness at foreign languages is a huge plus. At the graduate level, most applications to graduate programs will include a request for the applicant to list the number of foreign languages in which they are fluent (whether that be writing, speaking, or both). If you are already fluent in more than one foreign language in association with an undergraduate level application you will most definitely be ahead of the curve.

Finally, I would advocate history. Not only the history of the nation they call home but also international history, especially if you are thinking about integrating political science with the study of foreign-policy. It is amazing how many students matriculate to college these days without knowing much of anything regarding history -- not just international history but, quite unfortunately, their nation's history as well.

Best of luck!

Robert Said:

My high school prom theme is masquerade. Do you have any ideas for makeup masks?

We Answered:…
They have a great selection--look at the ones with feathers or ribbons. Ronjo has a copacabana mask with your colors! I think it adds drama and secrecy (anonymity) and even elegance to your prom.

Try searching for masks on a stick--that is what they are really called. You don't have to wear it, just hold it up to your eyes.

One site with "sexy" ones is:…

Good luck searching and hope you get one in time fro prom.

Eleanor Said:

I have earned High School Diploma from

We Answered:

I will keep the link in mind for future use.

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