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Canadian Colleges For International Students

Bernard Said:

Applying for Canadian PR (international student - graduated)?

We Answered:

I dont think your job at the deli is skilled so skilled worker is out - you really need to keep looking for a job in the field of your degree.

you dont need to apply under the skilled worker class thats what the new Canadian experience class is for - students and foreign workers on a work permit.

you need to work for 1 year and then apply for PR and then continue working on the work permit while the application is being processed.…

As to whether or not you will be approved or denied because your job is not skilled - I cannot say for sure.

Florence Said:

What a way to waste yur money in canada? Go there as an international student when the govt of canada does not?

We Answered:

Foreign student visas are temporary, non-immigration class visas. All foreign students are expected to return to their own country immediately upon completion or termination of their studies. You must also prove that you have sufficient funds to pay for all of your school expenses, plus all of your living expenses, plus your transportation back to your own country. These requirements prevent foreigners from taking up class space and other benefits paid for by citizens for the future of their own children, prevent "backdoor" immigration and immigration fraud, etc.

So, you have to have enough money to pay for everything, and you have to prove your ties to your homeland are sufficiently strong that you intend to return to your own country and put your education to work building your own country.

Some few international students are so exceptional that the host country might allow them to remain under certain circumstances. Do not count on yourself being one of them. After you have completed the degree program, assuming you took more than half of the program coursework in Canada, you might apply for Opportunity Canada. So if you are going for a 4-year baccalaureate degree, after you have successfully completed your program, you might apply. A few applications, the best of them, may be accepted.

If you cannot read and comprehend English well enough to understand the stated requirements, you probably cannot succeed in college, where the work is going to be much more difficult.

Todd Said:

To international students to Japan, what problem do you face to when first arrive at Japan?

We Answered:

well when i went this summer, i was with two other 16 year old girls, and when we first got into the country, we had no clue as to where to go. We had to take a shuttle train thing from one end to the other. When we found the area we were had to be we wernt sure what line was right, because we had to go through international check in, and all that busness. they finerpritned us, ect. we also had to pick up our leggage and re check them in because it was not a direst transfer from our last flight. That was hard to find where to do that. but we got it all done, and made sure we knew where our gate was and that the time was correct for our flight, so we didnt miss it. Your friend is going to have so much fun, i loved it so much over there. i want to go back so bad.

Timothy Said:

Are SAT scores required when transferring from a Canadian University to an American one?

We Answered:

Colleges in the eastern and middle US require the ACT, colleges in the western U.S. are very likely to require you to have an SAT. Higher level colleges (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and any number in the Northeastern U.S.) will require both.

Anthony Said:

Which one of these diagonally opp statements are correct in immigration for an international student to canada?

We Answered:

ya ya i agree.but then try some other universities of canada may be thety r not so confusing and consult thier embassywebsite,ok

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