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Canadian Scholarships International Students

Kathy Said:

Is FAFSA only for US citizens?

We Answered:

I can't give you information from personal knowledge on the Canadian universities.

In the U.S. you would need to apply for and be granted a student visa. The FAFSA is the form one completes for U.S. college/university financial aid offices to collect the needed information for them to determine a potential student's eligibility for assistance.

FAFSA is the abbreviation for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Here is a link from the U.S. Dept. of Education FAFSA web pages
(Home page:
with info and other links for students from outside the USA:…

For the best information regarding admissions to a U.S. college/university, I recommend you talk (via telephone or email) with an admissions counselor at the schools that interest you regarding what a student outside of the US needs to do to attend college/univ. in the USA. Regarding possibilities of financial aid, I recommend you talk (via telephone or via email communication) with financial aid counselors at the specific colleges/universities in the US that interest you. You may not be eligible for U.S. government backed loan funds or U.S. government funded grants, but you may be eligible for some scholarship funds. Private/independent colleges tend to have more of that kind of scholarship money than public/state supported colleges/universities in the USA.

For electronic tools to help you plan your college costs/find scholarships and grants for which you can consider applying, the very best/most reliable is through the College Board (they publish the College Blue Book & administer the SAT exams.) They do not sell your email address to other sites which will send you a lot of spam.
Go to:
Click on the For Students link
On the next page, click on the Pay for College link (green tab)
On the Pay for College page are links to a number of useful electronic tools:
Financial aid planning; Scholarship Search
Follow the on-screen instructions. The longer Scholarship Search questionnaire may supply you with the best results.

Here's another link to College Board information for international students:…
It will help connect you to other related web pages.

I also recommend you read this . . .
International Students: 8 Things to Know About Attending American Colleges…

This is another link where you may find helpful information:

Also, once you are a student at a US college or university, most likely, the only paying job for which you will be eligible will be an on-campus job. When you "talk" with the financial aid counselors ask about on-campus jobs, too. An on-campus job is a way to earn money, on a regular basis, for your personal expenses and other college related expenses. The jobs are usually not "glamorous." :-) From personal experience, the campus food service operations (cafeterias, dining halls) and the campus library/libraries offer the most working hours and require the greatest number of student workers. (I recommend the library - it is open long hours, they need lots of student workers, the library staff/librarians are usually very nice, co-workers are usually very nice - the work often involves reshelving a lot of books, DVDs, CDs, etc.)

Best wishes

Eleanor Said:

American Student at Canadian University?

We Answered:…

Jack Said:

U.S. student wanting to go to uni in Canada?

We Answered:

What kind of scholarships are you looking for - music? fine art? sports? contact the university you want to study at for more information. You might also contact service clubs in your area like the Lions, Rotarians etc.

Calvin Said:

top canadian universities for environmental studies?

We Answered:

well this def isnt the best .. but im doing conservation biology at university of toronto scarborough .. the campus downtown has programs in ecology and zoology which u might like :)

Lawrence Said:

question about Canadian football?

We Answered:

ya canadian universities will take international students but depends if u r good enough, no offence but ive playd high school ball and jr high ball, and our coach told the quicker guys that if theyw erent over 200 pounds dont even bother for runnin back bcuz thats how tough our league was. That was just high school ball so if u really wanna make an impact try reciever and get some hands or beef up alot if u wanna b a runnin back.

Julie Said: student?

We Answered:

I believe that pretty much all canadian universities can host international students...

There are many of them in Canada, I can't name all of them :) Depends where (geographically) you want to go, what field of study you want to be in, etc... google it up, you'll be sure to find one that suits you!

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