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Cheapest Universities Uk International Students

Raymond Said:

international students in UK?

We Answered:

You are right when you say the cost to study in the UK is very high. If you wish to study in the UK, you really have to save money as the Pound is worth 1.99 American Dollars. The International Student tuition is high, ranging about $23,000, and this is not counting accommodation. When figuring in accommodation, your total will be anywhere from $34,000-40,000/yr, depending on your university of choice and whether you select en-suite or shared facilities. You also need airfare, travel money, food and other expenses.

When applying, you somewhat luck out because US Financial Aid works in the UK. Only certain scholarships apply however, for the fact that some don't allow for money to oversea universities. The remaining balance would either come from your personal income and student loans, which some, no all, also work. Home Student tuition there is low, but there is no way you are eligible. Also, when applying for a Student Visa, you have to be able to show the sufficient funds required for study or else the UK government will not grant you the visa.

Hope this helps!! Take Care!!

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Yes, the information is correct can the international students always need to worry about this thong before they are applying for the VISA and getting admission into university at UK. Thanks for sharing this helpful information here.

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