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China Scholarships For International Students

Delores Said:

Would I be considered an international student or an out of state student for college admissions?

We Answered:

If you have an address somewhere within the U.S., you would probably be considered an out-of-state student (assuming that your address is not in the state of the school you're applying to). However, if you only have addresses abroad, you would probably be considered an international student. There are a few exceptions. If you are abroad because one (or both) of your parents is part of the army, navy, etc., you will likely be considered an out-of-state student. Also, if you are abroad because one (or both) of your parents are working for a U.S.-based company, you may also be considered an out-of-state student.

Double check with the schools you're applying to because they may have different policies regarding U.S. citizens abroad and they may be able to make an exception if they would normally consider you an international student.

If you will be considered an international student, it could affect your ability to get financial aid and scholarships. A lot of money for college is restricted to U.S. citizens, so the fact that you are a U.S. citizen living abroad may mean that you're ability to get financial aid isn't affected because of your citizenship. Again, you'll have to double check with the schools you're applying to to get more accurate information.

Jamie Said:

University of Toronto or University of Waterloo?

We Answered:

i think it just proved that UT is better offering only 1000 dollars. i think u should go to UT
but i see that your english is still weak, so i'm not sure,
but in the end, its your choice!

Carla Said:

What do you think of this??I think it's total B.S.!!?

We Answered:

Arizona should have ALL of it's federal funds cut off. They are aiding and abetting known criminals.

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