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College In The Uk

Jerome Said:

If a guys got a car in College (UK), Does he get all the girls?

We Answered:

a guy with a ride gets to ride.. its a universal truth

Dwayne Said:

Can you get kicked out of the college(uk) for low attendance?

We Answered:

The college I went to has a required 85% attendance. If students fall below that they are placed on referral which means they are informed by their personal tutor that they have 4 weeks to sort themselves out or they kicked off the course. There are exceptions such as if a student has been ill & can provide doctors notes or if there has been a death in the family.

Julian Said:

want know about kingston college UK,wanna do MBA program,is it a good college?

We Answered:

Its a good university but there are many better than Kingston, where you can do your MBA.
There are alot of consultancies in big cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bombay,Calcutta, through which you can apply and get assured admissions.

Look out for the course fee on the website as it is always subject to change per year.

Melanie Said:

[Teens] What course(s) are you taking/ have been taking at college [UK]?

We Answered:

I'm doing History, Business Studies, Music, Welsh 1st language, and the Welsh Baccalaureate at the moment! I'm planning on doing Music at uni, but I really can't decide at the moment which to go for!!!

Good luck with your Alevels!

Vicki Said:

What degree do you need to teach college English in the UK?

We Answered:

If you want to teach over there, get your English degree over there. They speak a different language there than we do here.

Bernard Said:

Going to college in america from UK?

We Answered:

As the Fulbright Advisory Service is the UK's official source of information on opportunities for UK students to study in the US, try their website at Normally, the application is to the educational institution rather than through a system such as UCAS – specific queries about entry requirements should be addressed to any university of interest.

The ‘Study in the US’ link at… has information on undergraduate study, planning, financial matters, an application timeline as well as a section for parents and links to details of information seminars (see… Incidentally, if you’re interested in attending any of the 2010 information seminars, it’s important to make contact soon as sessions often book quickly.

Other opportunities for short or part-time study may be possible within the US - to check out possible options, see the British Council website at

You may also wish to check out the the following site at… - while it has an overview of financial support available for students in England, there’s also a link to information about study abroad.

Finally, although you haven’t indicated your interest in any specific subject area, if you plan to enter a specific profession, do check any requirements around qualifications and registration. This is particularly important if it is your intention to study in one country and practise in another. The Connexions website at is a useful information source. Add the profession of interest to the search box for a general overview of the job role and contact details for various related organisations and professional bodies – these organisations should be able to answer queries regarding equivalency of qualifications.

I hope this helps answer your question and wish you well in your plans for study abroad.

Elaine Said:

Would many full time jobs allow me to take a day off in the week to go to Community College (UK)....?

We Answered:

Sure, any job that would require work on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, would probably let you have Thursday off. Retail and library jobs are a good example.

Not all jobs run M-F, so just look for ones that go on weekends.

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