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Colleges In England For International Students

Ken Said:

International Schooling?

We Answered:

No. You would still be counted as an international student, because you will on a student visa, and you are counted as being resident for educational purposes.

You must be resident for the whole three years prior to the start date for your course, NOT INCLUDING FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES. And it is not to do with being an EU citizen, it is about residency. You can be from the UK or EU and still have to pay international fees if you're in the wrong situation (i.e. moved abroad or something).

It is expensive for international students-you'll find that wherever you go.

Stella Said:

International Summer Programs in England for Linguistics/Anthropology?

We Answered:

i wish i had an answer, but i really wanted to just say good luck, I want to do Archaelogy/Anthropology abroad. i hope you fufill your dream :)

Ryan Said:

Can anyone help me find a college in England?

We Answered:

hiya, im from england and I have a great website for you where you can search for UK universities (usa college equivilent) that do ANY suject you please.
They do accept international students, they should have information for you on the websites.

UCAS is a website where all universities put there information on etc, just go to course search, and a list of universities will come up!

good look :) - im looking for uni's too atm.

Craig Said:

What are my chances of getting into US colleges as an international student?

We Answered:

Your SAT isn't "very low". It's on target for many of the schools you listed, and it's in-line with your GCSE results. It's not Harvard-level, but it certainly doesn't *suck*. It's fine.

I think you could get into City, Hunter, Rutgers Newark, and U Cincinnati. SUNY Albany and Michigan State may be reaches for you. That doesn't mean you won't get in! Just that you might, you might not. Of those, Michigan is the furthest reach.

If you want a school in NYC that may be a fit for you, and isn't a "city resident commuter style" school like Hunter and City, look at: Pace U, Marymount Manhattan, Wagner College (reach), and Manhattan College (reach).

For SUNYs, I'd like you to have a look at New Paltz, Cobleskill, Oneonta, and Cortland. All are good SUNYs. New Paltz is in a very nice location - cute college town.

If you're interested, you can also look at Rutgers New Brunswick (their main campus). It could be a reach for you, but not impossible.

Naomi Said:

Can you get accommodation at Vocational-Technical Colleges?

We Answered:

The only way that you are going to get an accurate answer to your question would be to ask the college that you intend to go to. It may vary from college to college.

The total costs may be quite high - I'd do a quick check if I were you, before you get set on the idea.

Jose Said:

Australia or England? Which is better place to study for an international student?

We Answered:

Well congrats to you for having the choice - that's awesome!

I'm Australian, so i can only really speak for Australia :D

We are larger than the the U.K. (well, i know that's obvious)

But Australia has the whole mystique of 'untouched land mixed with culture' whereas UK has the whole mystique of the history, and just how old the country is.

Yep, we do have warmer weather, in the northern half.

Here is a quick run down of the capital cities (that's well known across aus) (negative, Joking, but not IYGWIM)

Melbourne: "cultured' latte drinking scarf wearers, crazy weather
Sydney: Everything should have been done yesterday
Brisbane: Slow because of the heat
Perth: 'Wait Awhile' (Western Australia, geddit)
Adelaide: Hicktown
Tasmania: Inbred, cold

Quick run down (positive)

Melbourne: Shopping, music, mixed culture, nightlife
Sydney: Landmarks, beaches, culture, nightlife
Brisbane: Green, more relaxed, theme parks,warm, Australia zoo (north of brisbane by 1.5hrs)
Perth: very relaxed, green. (not much in perth, but lots in north/south W.A. wineries, broome)
Adelaide: friendly, relaxed, warm (surprisingly, considering where its located geographically) 'city of churches'
Tasmania: BEAUTIFUL countryside, very friendly, very relaxed.

All of australia is quite friendly.

Now with universities, I only really know about the W.A. ones & QLD ones.
W.A. - If you're studying english then your choise of Uni's would be UWA or Curtin.
QLD - U.Q.

UWA's campus is really beautiful, people get married there! (and they have an albino peacock!)

I don't know about the costs sorry! You can get them by calling the universities.

Australia's comedy is self-mocking, thus we think that all other countries should be able to do this, so if you come here, prepared to be 'mocked' in a joking manner, but just dish it back.

NB: I don't actually think that adelaide is a hicktown, it's quite beautiful, I mean, Glenelg? AWESOME! And neither do i think tasmania is inbred.

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