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Colleges In France For International Students

Roger Said:

Do YOU think I can get into these colleges?!?

We Answered:

yes and no the lack of extra curricular activities could hurt your chances at these universities. Most colleges want some one who is well rounded and can do more things than be stuck in a book all day. Plus these are some prestigious universities. So they are always flooded with students who do well in school and have good test scores so extra curriculars are supposed to help you stand out.

Judith Said:

What are some current issues in the international community? Please help a struggling college student?

We Answered:

Cholera, poverty and post-hurricane rebuilding in Haiti.
AIDs, conflict diamonds and rape in the Democratic Republic of China.
Nuclear weapons, poverty and succession of leadership in North Korea.

Jennifer Said:

The best Art school in Europe or Canada for my situation?

We Answered:

In these places, you will definitely have to work while studying. You have no other option dude! Otherwise, you won't be able to manage it out there.

Katie Said:

I'm an American wanting to move to France where my girlfriend lives.. What do I need to do?

We Answered:

You could start with looking at the french Embassy in the US under # going to France # I clicked under the study. Go to the page below and read.
If you intend to study that is :…

Toni Said:

sick and tired of judgmental people!!!?

We Answered:

I find criticism from people who hardly know you is often their way of making conversation. They don't know what you have in common yet, so they pick on any differences or anything out of the ordinary, for example, a short wedding dress or an intimate wedding. I wouldn't sweat it too much, maybe take it as an opportunity to ask them how they would do things differently and learn more about them and Southern customs. We get the same thing because we're leaving details to the last minute and keeping pretty calm about our intimate summer wedding.

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