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Colleges In Germany For International Students

Nicholas Said:

Am I good enough to get accepted into an ivy league college??

We Answered:

I think so. That's a whole lot of extra-curriculars you have there.

Catherine Said:

Can you help me in selecting a college in Germany? Thank you.?

We Answered:

Yes, sure If you are going to study abroad then you should take advice and help from a good education adviser. I am suggest you a good education partner that they will settle you in a good college in Germany. You may contact

Louise Said:

Can I apply for a schengen visa from the UK if I am a non-UK resident?

We Answered:

No, Schengen countries only issue visa to those who hold a temporary residence permit valid for longer than 6 months to the UK. You should apply for your visa not earlier than 3 months before departure from your place of residency. State that you want to visit your friend several times within the six months, so you may get a multiple entry visa valid for up to 90 days within a 6 months period. If providing proof of sufficient funds (€60 per day of stay) should be an issue have your friend obtain a formal obligation (Verpflichtungserklärung) from the town-hall of his place of residence. The processing of a visa takes in general between two and ten days. So you should first apply for the UK student visa since it may take longer to be processed (between 2 and 30 days).… ..

Chad Said:

What kind of international phone should I get?

We Answered:

here is a real reliable site(s) i would suggest at&t due to the fact it has a sim card and you can call the cell compay to unlock it and you can transfer a sim from germany into the phone and use it.… &

Beth Said:

Should I graduate in Germany or in the United States?

We Answered:

Well with the way you are asking the question, you need to decide where you want to live. If you are going to live in the US, then come back here. If you are going to live in Europe, it won't hurt to stay. However, if you want to make your way to the United would that degree look? You need to figure out your life and your plans before you decide where to finish school. Plus, your full year here in the US may not transfer. Think about that too.

Good luck!

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