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Colleges In Ireland For International Students

Catherine Said:

is an irish citizen who has not been educated in ireland entitled to a free education?

We Answered:

There must be something comparable to the Department of Education here. They most likely have a website and you can find more info there than at this forum. It seems like the passport and social security card ought to mean you're entitled to the state tuition but that's nothing more than an opinion. It may depend on citizenship - are you still a citizen of Ireland? If so I thinks you're fine.

Try this link:…

I clicked on Students and Trainees and got to page that has an FAQ that may help. It might also be a good idea to talk to a school guidance counselor here and see if they can find out info for you.

Louis Said:

Studying Abroad - Ireland or Scotland?

We Answered:

I don't really know what prerequisites are or understand what you will be doing in your semester abroad or if you will be attending a regular university. Will you be a registered student, and if so, what will you be studying? The system is slightly different here in that once you finish second-level education you apply to do a particular degree at a particular uni, you don't get to pick different subjects from different streams in order to qualify for nursing/law/whatever. You begin your degree day 1 year 1.

So, presuming that you'll be joining a standard nursing degree program, the quality of nursing degrees are pretty much the same in Ireland and Scotland, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that end of things. Most have a combination of academic study and on-the-job training. Make sure you know what you're getting in to by contacting the international office of the relevant uni. In Ireland, I would suggest UCC (Cork) or UCG (Galway) as both those cities are studenty, fun and not overpriced. Avoid Dublin if you can, the uni campuses are too big to be properly accessible during such a short stay and you might find it more difficult to make friends.
In Scotland, Glasgow rocks. I would recommend it well above Edinburgh or any other city/town. Avoid Stirling - very depressing campus.

I'm not sure about volunteering in hospitals, particularly ICUs. Regulations are quite strict here and in the UK and I'm not aware of voluntary positions existing. You could look into getting some casual work as a care assistant - perhaps your existing qualifications will be enough to qualify you, although visa regulations may preclude this. Look up patient organisations in the town you decide to go to as they may be able to fix you up with some voluntary carer work outside the hospital system.

In both countries, Jan-May will be wet and cold. Bring warm sweaters and waterproof jacket & boots. Layers are the way to go. We have some very cheap high street stores so you can buy stuff here if you don't want to haul lots with you.

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