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Colleges In New Zealand For International Students

Myrtle Said:

I am trying to fill out my CV and have few things open. I'm not sure what to put in my "profile" section and ?

We Answered:

Do yourself a favour - take away your address phone number and e-mail address- you really do not want to have your identity stolen or start getting solicited with unwanted mail/ phone calls and e-mails.
Your profile - what are you like - are you a highly skilled, good communicator, team player?
If you say proven track record - can you offer proof?
Leave all that you have done in - but put in a section as to why you would like a career change - this would explain the reason as to why you want to go sideways into a different field to what you are doing now.
Good reference contacts should be available as well (name only - rest can be given on request)
I do not include my profile in - I started with my education (last main study period to schooling) and then for each job/ function - I mention the core competencies that allow me to do the job.
I also include really good web site links that can guide you a bit

Claudia Said:

Sports Scholarship for an International Student?

We Answered:

If you have played a sport at a high level, then it may help your cause

Armando Said:

Chances of ever getting into a good college?

We Answered:

School in New Zealand is actually very good, and there are some fine private schools. If you make sure you're in an IB program, your diploma will be recognized all over the world. Elite USA schools will be impressed.

Consider also the New Zealand universities. Aukland is good overall. Canterbury, in Christchurch is good. Otago is good for Medical studies.

Crystal Said:

Moving to New Zealand from the US, question about college?

We Answered:

If you're not a citizen or Permanent Resident (note the capitals - it doesn't just mean intending to live there permanently), you will be an International student and must pay international student fees.

If you're moving to NZ with your family and they have Permanent Residence, you will be treated as a domestic student and will only have to pay domestic fees.

You must have a student visa if you are not a citizen or PR.…

Er... Independant (that's wrong too - should be independEnt), college is the correct spelling anywhere in the world, including in New Zealand. A collAge is a type of artwork, not an educational institution.

Amanda Said:

Which University am I reachable?(please kindly advise)?

We Answered:

I'd say your chance of getting into Michigan, UCIC or Boston U isnt very high. But it doesn't hurt to apply if you arent low on ur budget for application fees. Your GPA and ur SAT score isnt very good, but your extra cirrculars might help.

Don't get disencourage, and just give your best shot!!!

Toni Said:

What is life like live in Auckland, New Zealand?

We Answered:

Hi Sean, yeah life is great here and yes there is a teachers college somewhere in Auckland. Oh its part of Auckland University.
Not sure how international student gets accepted but you will find it somewhere through that link i'm sure.

Cost of living is relatively high in Auckland, but heres a breakdown and you can judge for yourself.

Yes you probably do need a car, well I couldn't live without, unless you were living nearby to the city.
Internet and landline $50 a month
Power for 2 bedroom house/apartment $80 a month (rough judgement)
Water is maybe a few hundred annually (not sure exactly as it can often be included in rental fees)

Two bedroom accommodation can vary a great deal depending on location in Auckland and how nice it is. Areas like Grey lynn, Mt Eden, Mt Albert, Ponsonby, Kingsland, Parnell, Newmarket are close to Auckland Uni (which is right in the middle of the city) and are generally considered very nice areas. Bit expensive but may pay of when you consider travel time. Auckland is a very large place.

Check this link, will give you plenty of detail of what you could expect to pay and live in.…

One downside, we have no Ice Hockey on free t.v or pay t.v, its a real pain in the ****. But as long as you have decent internet you can stream it like I do (go Pens) lol.

Good luck mate.....

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