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Colleges In Singapore For International Student

Alfredo Said:

What's the difference between living in Singapore and New York?

We Answered:

Hi Ardin - You may have seen Singaporean Colin Goh's hilarious fortnightly column about life in Flushing, New York in The Sunday Times. He writes in his very local style about the cultural differences and not infrequently asks readers to write to him with their own experiences. He's a lawyer turned filmmaker.

I think your query is perfect for Colin. His email address is on his website at:

Ryan Said:

Please tell me some college names where I can go for Adv. Dip in IT and Bach.Business IT in Singapore?

We Answered:

I don't think you can make the cut to judge by your English. You might be able to get into some college in India.

Claire Said:

is it more difficult to enter ivy leagues as an international student?

We Answered:

Much. While increasing numbers of internationals apply every year, the ivies keep the number of internationals relatively low and try to have as many countries as possible represented. If you're from a small African nation or a remote Pacific island, you are in luck. If you're from Asia or Western Europe, not so much.

The ivies see all sorts of kids who have lived all over and are multi cultural, it's no problem. But they will see you as a candidate from SPore, and they get lots of applicants from there. There are many schools there that draw from other Asian countries, there's a UWC, there are excellent private schools. This means brutal competition. They will get a couple thousand applications and take 6 or 8.

In addition to having top grades and scores, you will really need to differentiate yourself with an unusual interest, accomplishment, honors or awards. As you know the top Asian candidates will have phenomenal SATs and math/science awards, etc. Be different, highlight non stereotypical accomplishments.

Eugene Said:

Which college should I opt for MBA after 5 years of work experience?

We Answered:

You will get a better answer if you answer following questions:

- How much do you want to spend for your MBA?
- What is the objective of doing an MBA? Entrepreneurship or corporate role?
- Do you wish to emigrate to the country of study post-MBA?

Brandy Said:

Is it more difficult to enter ivy leagues as an international student?

We Answered:

If anything, ivy league schools will accept you for having such a complicated background, being fluent in three languages, 400 hours of community service, and even going to other countries to rattle in more volunteer hours.

Internships really enhance your college application, whether applying for an Ivy League school or not.

Good luck getting in! :D

Stacey Said:

Is West lafayette (purdue's surrounding campus) that baaaaaad!!!!!????...?

We Answered:

Whoever told you West Lafayette is rip off, no culture, with little to do - must have been a hermit when they were here.
It is definitely not "big city" - but it draws students from all over the country and world.
Lots of bars (Harry's Chocolate Shop being the most popular - don't let the name fool you) and restaurants in town and close to campus. The metro area has a population of about 125,000 people. Indianapolis is an hour away (which is the same time it takes to get from one side of Chicago to the other)
Chicago is just over two hours away.
West Laf. has relatively low crime rate.
School is very diversified, with many Asian, Middle Eastern and European students.

My son graduated in engineering '02 - and had a job in place well before he graduated. In fact he has a head hunters calling him about once a month offering opportunities. He was in 6 figure income in his 3rd year out.

My daughter graduated in education - has lived all over the country - and wherever she goes, people are impressed when they hear she graduated from Purdue.
It is a state school - however many people think it is a private Ivy League type school because of it's reputation, and it does not have a state name.

Purdue is not an easy school by any means. Most people who leave have either flunked out, or about to. The school has a great retention rate - which speaks for itself.

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