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Colleges In Toronto For International Students

Eduardo Said:

Can I get into the University of Toronto if i am an American citizen with my SAT scores?

We Answered:

theres no such thing as SAT in canada so those are useless. and yes theyll let you live with your own family. not sure about the fees check their website

Jerome Said:

Ryerson University's international transfer program?

We Answered:

I researching I found this Link the Ryerson University Handbook

I hope this will answer your questions

Edwin Said:

How much money do you need to start a life in Canada after school?

We Answered:

Toronto is more expensive than Calgary such as renting an apartment,higher tax etc you need at least $1000 a month

Maurice Said:

how much would college cost for an american student in canada?

We Answered:

You can view the fee schedule for both domestic and international students from this page:… (page down to the international section and select an area of study)

Herman Said:


We Answered:

Each university has its own standards for gpa and SAT for accepting new students. You would be better off looking at the web sites of the ones you are interested in attending, and then contacting some of them directly. But, actually, you can get a very good undergraduate education at many schools that are not ranked in the top 30, so I would recommend choosing your college on some other basis such as location, specific programs they offer, etc..

Sharon Said:

Canada soccer guide ?

We Answered:

The biggest club in Toronto is Toronto FC (MLS). You do have other options as well. Portugal FC of the CSL. These clubs are located in the Greater Toronto Area: Toronto Croatia (CSL), Serbian White Eagles (CSL), North York Astros (CSL) and Italia Shooters (CSL).

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