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Colleges International Students

Sherri Said:

what are the cheapest/nicest US colleges that admit international students?

We Answered:

Try Alfred University...they offer one of the best financial aid packages for international student and its has a wonderful setting, its a private school and the teachers know most of the students on first name bases...if you need more info I'd be happy to tell you more..look it up on its in the to 15% for liberal art schools and they have one of the best Art and Ceramics programs in the country, their business school is very good as of the people come here because of financial aid, my tuition is 37,500 and i take out a 2,000 loan every year.

Myrtle Said:

after international students colleges have checked their financial bkground,do the US Embassy check again?

We Answered:

Yes, they want to know you really have enough financial means to study in US and will not become financial burdens to the US. You will have to proof to them you or your parents have enough financial means to cover at least the 1st year of all your expenses in US

Claire Said:

Are U.S. citizen students living abroad allowed to apply to colleges as international students?

We Answered:

Because you're a US citizen, you'll apply as a domestic student, not an international student. This is actually a good thing, because you'll be eligible to apply for US financial aid via the FAFSA, you'll be eligible for aid that most schools can only give to US citizens. In addition, some schools only allow in a certain number/percentage of international students, so you won't be up against those limits.

Your international background will benefit you in admissions, but you will apply as a domestic student, not an international student.

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