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Companies That Sponsor International Students

Carlos Said:

How to search for companies that sponsor H-1 visa for Finance and Marketing MBA graduates from a US University

We Answered:

Apply, with a resume on monster and create a website will your needs specified clearly.

Vincent Said:

Which are the top 20 companies that sponsor H-1 visa for international students?

We Answered:

Tough question that in today's age is getting tougher...first you should choose foreign companies that are doing buisness in the us. I do not know your nationality, but whatever it is choose a compant that is the same. For an H-1 visa the company have top sponser you as you know at a great cost to them, so you would have to be unique. The company have to prove that no one or limited resources available can do the job you can. They also have to advertize the job to the general public...bottom line is: You have to be a one of a kind in your field most likely speak fluently in your native tougue that is rare to find in the US and be an invaluable resource to the this and you should be fine.

Clarence Said:

International Student seeking for companies sponsoring H1B visa ?

We Answered:

Ignore ibu_guru looks like he has stopped taking his medication again.

Unfortunatly at this time you do not qualify for an H1B visa since you only have a 2yr degree. My advise is do not apply for OPT in fall. Instead enroll in a B.S Electrical Eng program. You may be able to work as a coop while working towards B.S degree. After graduation (B.S) get OPT and look for companies (career center at university will be able to help you find one) that will sponsor you for an H1B and GC.

Angel Said:

What are some generous companies that would sponsor a student going on an international conservation trip?

We Answered:

what do you consider an international conservation trip,daddy wont give you money from a vacation and now you are trying to hose someone else to give you the cash.Get a life write up a itinerary what you plan to do,how you plan to do it ,and the most important thing what is in it for the donator of the cash.

Bernice Said:

does anyone know of a company or organiation that sponsors international nursing students?

We Answered:………

Gordon Said:

Where to find companies to sponsor me?

We Answered:

Get on the internet and research companies in the field you are interested in. Copy down contact numbers and names. Call them personally or write to them tell them about yourself and that you are looking for sponsers. Let them know what the benifit is to their company if they help you in you quest.Always expect to repay in some way it is never a free ride.

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