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Credit Card For International Students

Amber Said:

I'm an International student in USA. Please tell me how can I apply for a Credit Card?

We Answered:

call the banks phone number and ask a customer service rep.

most likely, they don't consider it a permanent address if you haven't lived there for 6 months or more. i know many credit cards will not accept you if you do not have a U.S. social security number. you either have no credit established here in the U.S. or you will have to apply for a card based in your home country.

Joy Said:

Do international students have credit?

We Answered:

You do not have credit.

There is no way that you can build credit without credit cards or other loans, just like there is no one for U.S. citizens. You do not get special preferential treatment for being a foreigner.

Using a debit card does not make any different in your credit score.

Even with good credit, you need a downpayment to buy a car. You cannot buy a car without paying any money at once.

The only type of credit card for which you are likely to be approved without good credit is a secured credit card. Try to get a secured credit card. Do not apply for any credit cards that are not secured until after you get good credit.

Finally, credit is usually specific to a particular tax identification number. If you currently have only an ITIN and you will obtain a SSN before you need the credit, then you may need to start again.

Mary Said:

What are the requirements to apply for a Diners Club International card?

We Answered:

If you are in the USA, Please dont waste your time with that card...almost NO ONE takes it anymore...I can't think of one place off hand that does.....

it is not nearly as prestigious as it used to be
and the $95 fee is crazy since most cards are offering NO annual fee for 'very good credit'.

I would pass on this one

Michelle Said:

international students no ssn building credit serious answers only please!?

We Answered:

Get a credit card from local bank and pay it in time. You also can use this service to avoid common mistakes while buiding credit and pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of payments -

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