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Education In Australia For International Students

Roland Said:

What is the possibility of my daughter getting a job as a teacher in Australia after finishing her course.?

We Answered:

in order to work in australia, she first need a to apply for pr cause it is really hard to get jobs without having at least a pr. since she is studying in australia, she would have gathered enough points to be elligible for pr application. some jobs are listed under jobs in demand. if her job is listed in this list, she will receive extra points towards her pr applications. this list is constantly changing in order to meet australia's job industry demand. more points is awarded if your daughter is living in a rural area.

if she is lucky, some employer are willing to sponsor some outstanding students for pr. with an australian qualification, stayed in aussie for at least 2 yrs and so on, i reckon she has enought points. anyway, teachers are constantly in need in australia so dont worry. i wouldn't speculate but i do say your daughter chances are pretty ok.

check out the website for more info. sorry couldnt give the direct.

this website will help you calculate is your daughter has enough points. (click Overseas Students in Australia )…

hope this answers your question. if not then sorry for being a bit long winded.

cheers and good luck!!

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