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Education In New Zealand For International Students

Willard Said:

Why do Australians hate indians?

We Answered:

Australians do not hate Indians. Crime knows no nationality when it comes to most criminals.
The police here have done everything they could with very limited resources to find the perpetrators and how do they get paid? By having the most insulting cartoon showing police in KKK uniform. THAT will create hatred! R Prassard, the so called cartoonist has done a huge disservice to Indians and Australians alike. He should be taken to task by the Indian government. The so called cartoon has led many Australians to question relations with India. Insults go both ways!! We have not forgotten that India has given refuge to an Indian national who escaped justice here after killing a couple of people!!!

Kyle Said:

Is this all I need to know about New Zealand, Auckland?

We Answered:

Hi Joe:
We went to New Zealand several years ago for five weeks and I did not want to come home. It was the most diverse, beautiful, unmaterialistic, sports minded, green and incredible place we have ever been and we've done a lot of travelling. From the mountains and fjords on the south island, to the hotsprings, diving on the north island we were never bored. There were so many AWE moments we couldn't count them all. The narrow roads were about the only thing we weren't fond of but then again we were spending so much time gaping out the window, we needed a few extra feet of road space for errors. We stayed in the town of Takapuna Beach which is in the northern part of Auckland and gazed out our window at a constantly changing sea; swimmers, sailors, kite surfing, kayakers, volcano and the constant changing of the tides kept us mezmerized. Auckland itself had great restaurants, museums, docking and everything one could think of in a beautiful surround. This is only scratching the surface. You truly have to experience it. I love my country, Canada. We live on the water with a beautiful view but there was something in New Zealand that will always hold part of my heart. If you are thinking of going, go. All the best, Shari

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