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Education In Sweden For International Students

Gail Said:

Free tertiary education?

We Answered:

Czech republic if the studies are going to be in the czech language it will be free

Paul Said:

what is a cost of living for an international student with a 4 year child in sweden.?

We Answered:

Eh.. wow... by yourself? Are you sure you have thought this through? lol. Ehm if you were living alone the expected student costs would range from 6 700 crowns to 7 400 depending on where you live. Since you're not Swedish i don't think you can take maternity leave.. Sending your kid to kindergarten.. that will be cheap since your a student and single. The cost is based on how much money you make and how many kids you have who goes to kindergarten.. just to make sure everyone can afford it.. there are several reasons we have all but erased the so called lower class. The rest is payed for by us, the taxpayers. Your education as I'm sure you know is free for everyone who's human but what I don't think you know is that there is a proposal to change that. If that proposal goes through people who aren't citizens in the EU, Norway or Iceland would have to pay for it. Keep up with the news. Most people I've talked to don't think that will happen though.

Anyway. The cost of your kid.. A normal Swedish kid.. 4 000 a month. Your kid.. 1 000/ 2 000 a month. That plus kindergarten. You only have one kid which means you you pay 3 % of what you make every month for the service.. unless you make more than 38 000 kr. Then you pay 1 140 kr. Never more than that. Basically you're living expenses a month should range from 9 000 to 12 000 (most probable a monthly expense around 9 000/ 10 000) a month.

Jerome Said:

Which part of sweden has the lowest cost of living?

We Answered:

I think its Borås. Clothing and food are cheaper here and the rent is at least cheaper than Gothenburg.
Good luck! :)

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