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English For International Students

Jessie Said:

I am an English literature international student looking for a US university that doesn't require GRE exam?

We Answered:

Do you wish to do an MA in English lit? I am currently doing an MA in English education at Columbia University and they do not require GRE (one massive reason I chose them).

Dawn Said:

What are the grade requirements at columbia university for english/international students?

We Answered:

you can email admissions with any questions that are not answered below.

Debbie Said:

How can I find volunteer host families for my org's international students?

We Answered:

Contact churches of the same as the students in the area that they are interested in visiting for school!

Ruben Said:

I just want to know if Frankfurt University offer undergraduate coarses in english for international students?

We Answered:

So far as I know, Goethe Uni only do postgrad (masters, phd) programs in english. I think this is also the case with other schools in the area as well -- FH Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, etc. Most kids your daughter's age will still be in the final year of Gymnasium, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to take a gap year to learn the language and become familiar with the new surroundings (and perhaps do a distance learning course through a UK or US Uni) and then start up the next year. If she does a business course of study, then I can guarantee that a fair portion of her more advanced courses will be in english, but....the school system is different in Germany than in the US so don't discount the FH (University of Applied Sciences) as an option.

Georgia Said:

Which universities in Norway have tuition-free bachelors in engineering in english for international students?

We Answered:

No one.

Most would still have some Norwegian language skills as an entry requirement anyway.

Why should they teach a core skill like engineering in English?

Carol Said:

which university, york, leeds, norwich, or nottingham has the least american/international students?

We Answered:

I would say York or Norwich. Leeds is a huge, metropolitan city, which always attracts international students. I am looking to go to Nottingham (and York) for graduate school, and Nottingham advertises that they are a very international campus, which is very true and they really cater to international students. Nothing that I have read about York says anything about lots of international students. But a lot of schools in the UK are loosing their International student funding, so there will be less international students everywhere then there have been.

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