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Fellowships For International Students

Arnold Said:

does there has other deadline to apply for college?

We Answered:

This varies from college to college. However, typically the application period is the fall of each year for admission the following fall. You need to visit the website of any school you are interested in for more specifics.

Gabriel Said:

Fulbright fellowship for teaching assistantship. ?

We Answered:

A fulbright scholarship is not a teaching assistantship. It is a scholarship given by the US government, and managed by IIE, the institute for international education.
Fulbright scholarships are very competitive. You need excellent grades and recommendations, and you have a better shot if you have some work experience. You also need to go through a rigorous selection process, which includes interviews and testing (TOEFL if you didn't graduate from an English language university, and GRE or similar, depending on what you're applying for). The whole process takes about a year to complete, from the minute you file in your application, to being accepted. Of course, if you don't get a call back from the embassy within about one month after the application deadline, you obviously were cut out.
There are two types of fulbrights. One is for US citizens only, and the other is for international students. The grants are usually not for undergradute studies, but for graduate school. You would be best advised to inquire at the US embassy's public information section, or to go to the embassy website, or the IIE website for more information.

Mary Said:

In which fields are the competition of scholarship the most fierce and which are not?

We Answered:

Dear please visit the below websites and check your eligible scholarships.

For Scholarships In UK

For Scholarships In Canada

For Scholarships In India

For Scholarships In Australia…

For Norwegian Government scholarships…

For Scholarships In Newzealand…

For Scholarships from the French government…

Other Scholarships Resources Visit :


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Jenny Said:

does anybody have any ideas? please help me?! 10 points instantly!!?

We Answered:

Your best chance to get all of these you mentioned is to go directly to the school you want to attend. Be aware that most scholarship deadlines were back in Feb and March for those starting college in the fall (sept). Good luck.

This is a good link:

Russell Said:

Whats a good club to make for school?

We Answered:

One idea for a club that is usually very successful is picking an issue that you are passionate about and starting a group for it. Many organizations have great materials for getting you started with a club at your college such as:

Invisible Children (Rescues children from the Lord's Resistance Army and works to create peace in Northern Uganda)
International Justice Mission (Human Trafficking)
To Write Love On Her Arms (Suicide Prevention)

Personally, I had alot of issues on my heart so I started a club that I could have more freedom with called "Hope Rising."

HOPE RISING (IJM) is a community-service based club at Whittier Christian High School designed to bring light and justice to the many issues and obstacles facing this generation. Partnering with organizations such as "TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS" and "INVISIBLE CHILDREN," students are empowered to create change by means of raising funds and organizing outreaches and events. The goal of this club is to not only to bring an understanding of these causes to the students, but also to provide an opportunity for each student find their passion and use their own strengths and capabilities to further the cause. Most importantly however, this club seeks to honor Christ by giving a voice to "the least of these."

Just an idea. Good luck!

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