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Fellowships International Students

Victor Said:

i am an international student and i wanted to know if anyone has details on funding and scholarships?

We Answered:


For UK Scholarships

For Canada Scholarships

For Scholarships In India

Visit :

For Australia Scholarships…

For International Scholarships

Visit :


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Jorge Said:

what are the best grad schools for an international student from a developing country?

We Answered:

To get a full paid scholarship plus airfare will not be easy. only very respected universities with large endowments would make this possible and you would have to have a whole lot to offer them academically ( in other words you cant be just a regular student ) It is possible but it all depends on the the school that granted you your undergraduate or bachelors degree, if the school is respected internationally and is considered competitive and if you have exceptionally good grades and excellent recommendations then it could happen . I suggest you try to get scholarships from within Armenia , the US embassy does provides full paid scholarships for a select number of students to pursue graduate education in the united states but these are very competitive.

Phillip Said:

fellowship for international students?

We Answered:

Ask your school.

Natalie Said:

What are some good European schools for getting a PhD in Biological Sciences?

We Answered:

Some information is below.

Douglas Said:

What are the requirements for admission in Ph.d in Canada for international student?

We Answered:

For the Academic Purpose
IELTS band >6.5
Master Degree With First class Required
Becholar Degree With First class Required
Good Academic Track record
As per Scholar ship is concern its little Compare to USA
Student can Apply Feb or June Intake .but itd also depend upon school and criteria may be vary according to school

Angel Said:

I am an international student. International Relations Major. Need a sponsor. Can some one help out please!?

We Answered:

It is relatively easy to get a place in a University. The hard part is to find funding. Look in the Directory of Grant-making Trusts. You might find something specifically targetted towards your subject area.
The term "International Student" covers a number of different categories. EU citizens may qualify for Erasmus funding. Commonwealth countries have other possibilities. In any case, try the British Council. And if you are a member of an affiliated church, try the World Council of Churches offices in Geneva or London.

There are very few sources of funds for undergraduates. More help at postgraduate level. The University itself should be able to make suggestions. You cannot get a visa for UK without a) a full-time course and b) evidence of funding and c) evidence of a life to go back to. But once you are here, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week, provided it does not interfere with their studies. Many work in University jobs (cafe's. reception, library etc) which they fit around their studies, for £5 - £7 per hour.

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