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Financial Aid For Foreign Students

Stephanie Said:

Where to find university scholarships (or other financial aids) for foreign students in Australia?

We Answered:

For an undergraduate degree there is nothing offered by Australian universities or the government. Australia is not a scholarship culture. ALL Australians have access to a loan system to pay their uni fees so there is no excuse to not go to uni because of cost. As such there has been no need to create scholarships (both at the government or university level). Any scholarship would only be of use to an international student and the feeling is - why should all Australian students have to pay back their uni tuititon at a lter date while international students get a free ride. Add to that our belief that only students who can afford to study overseas should be able to - you can see why there are no international student scholarships at universities throughout Australia. If you dont have the fubnds - stay in your own country and study ther.

PhDs are a slightly different matter but they are only given to a very small select few and only the best of the best (if you didnt get over 90% in your last two years of undergrad - you have no chance).

Morris Said:

can anyone guide me about financial aid for foreign students who wish to pursue online MBA?

We Answered:

If you are a international student, you can not get more than one online course.
Otherwise, financial aid generally, u can tell your advisor that your sponsor backed out and you need financial aid and they will help you out. You will need a proof for the backing out of sponsor though.

Maxine Said:

Does FAFSA provide financial aid to students who plan to study in foreign countries?

We Answered:

If your school is listed here… (the Federal School Code Search) you can use federal funds to study there.

Put in your year, choose "Search," and look for your school on the next page (Foreign Country in the first pulldown).

A surprising amount of overseas schools are approved to receive U.S. federal funds.

Jack Said:

How can I become eligible for Financial Aid as foreign student being outside the USA?

We Answered:

If you are not an American citizen, you cannot get government issued student loans, a major source of financial aid for many students. Policies vary from school to school, so it is best to check with the universities you are applying to in the US to see if they offer scholarships to foreign students.

Bobbie Said:

Can foreign students be eligible for CSN financial aid in sweden?

We Answered:

You should ignore Maurice's answer and move this question to Yahoo! UK.

Mary Said:

Impossible for foreign students to get financial aid for UCSC?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Louis Said:

Are there any type of financial aid for students who want to study in a foreign country for 4 years?

We Answered:

Try private scholarships, government scholarships and fellowships and Fullbright. Also, see if there are any part-time job opportunities for Americans such as teaching ESL or translating for companies.

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