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Foreign Exchange Student

Laura Said:

How would you feel about hosting a foreign exchange student in your home?

We Answered:

I'm on my 13th! Our first just as an arrival family. I have four Danes, three Germans, two Swedes, two Swiss, one Finn and one Brasilian!
As you can tell, we love it. We've also had exceptional students to work with as well ... and we wouldn't trade any of them!
To top it all off, we spent our 25th anniversary on a three-week tour of Europe visiting many of them!
Hosting not only gives you a new son or daughter, but it gives you a whole new family as well!
The one thing that concerns me about your question however, is that it ALMOST seems like a recruitment of host families. I'm sure you really didn't mean it that way, but I certainly would NOT be looking for families for students on the Internet!
Congratulations on your international family!

Gina Said:

How do i get a foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

Contact the Australian Embassy. They will have plenty of info.

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