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Foreign Exchange Students

Marjorie Said:

Would you ever want foreign exchange students at your school?

We Answered:

Yes I would :) Of course if their English is like broken and I have a hard time understanding what they are saying and I would find it harder to communicate with them. But hey, if they share an interest/hobby with me, I would treat them like a buddy. Also I want to learn more about them! (Most interesting about them: background, family, school life, social life, etc.)

Ryan Said:

Are foreign exchange students allowed to travel/vacation outside the country with their host family?

We Answered:

Depending on the organization you are hosting from but for the most part yes it is allowed for exchange students to travel to different countries with their host family actually it the only way they are allowed to travel to other countries with the host family or with a organization volunteer.

hope that helps

Jennifer Said:

What are some good bible verses for foreign exchange students?

We Answered:

The parable of the Good Samaritan is encouraging, showing that true Christians should be impartial. It's found at Luke 10:29-37.

Here is another selection:
Colossians 3:10,11 "and clothe yourselves with the new [personality], which through accurate knowledge is being made new according to the image of the One who created it, where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, foreigner, Scyth?i?an, slave, freeman, but Christ is all things and in all."

Miguel Said:

how can i get close to the foreign exchange students?

We Answered:

I am currently a foreign exchange student and I find that I click with the people who also make an effort to know me. If you want to make friends just go up and introduce yourself and smile a lot and be really friendly.

Ask questions about their country. This is good conversation and should be a topic they are comfortable speaking about. Make sure they have someone to hang out with at lunch. If they do, great, tell them you´ll see them around, if not, great too, invite them to eat with you.

Also invite them to come hang out after school or on the weekend because they might be to shy to suggest anything, and it can get boring if you just spend all day with your host family.

Whatever you do, always make a point of saying hi when you cross paths. Good luck!

Dean Said:

How many foreign exchange students are allowed to line in one house and are they allowed to babysit your kids?

We Answered:

OK .. this is a very loaded question.

First, is she a representative for the organization and is she listed as the permanent family or just an arrival family? If she is a representative, chances are good she got paid to bring these kids in (very few are volunteer only),

However, it is quite common for a representative to have several students at the beginning of the year as often times permanent host families might be on vacation or unable to take their student on the day he/she arrives.

If it is an arrival (temporary) situation then she could have that many. But if it's a permanent placement then the parents of both students must agree to it IN WRITING as well as the USIA.

This is according to the USIA 514.25
"(l) Host family placement. (1) Sponsors
shall secure, prior to the student’s departure
from the home country, a host
family placement for each student participant.
Sponsors shall not:
(i) Facilitate the entry into the United
States for a student for whom a host
family placement has not been secured;
(ii) Place more than one student with
a host family without the express prior
written consent of the Agency."

USIA has VERY DEFINITE rules on host families and exchange students. In general, they cannot work in any capacity that requires a Social Security Number. However, they are permitted to work up to 10 hours a week in such things as babysitting, tutoring, lawn mowing, etc. They can also do a REASONABLE amount of babysitting if it is considered a weekly chore. This is a very gray area as you can see.

If you truly have concerns, and this is not just a matter of families not getting along, you can contact the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel. They are a monitoring agency for exchange programs certified to operate in the U.S.

Having worked with exchange students for so many years, I find stories like this quite disturbing -- if true, not good for the students, which is of paramount importance. If not true, not good for the programs.

I hope this is just a momentary spat and nothing more serious. However, if it IS just a spat between wife and ex-wife, it is not responsible to bring in the exchange students.

You also didn't note the stepson's age. If it was a child it's one thing, but did she "throw out" an adult who could be on his own anyway?

EDIT: My answer applies to SECONDARY (high school) students, not college ones.

Jennie Said:

How are foreign exchange students treated in Japan?

We Answered:

There are a lot of factors to consider with foreigners and social assimilation in Japan. The fact that you are Asian will not make you blend in, as the Japanese can easily distinguish between different Asian ethnic groups. Even if you were 100% Japanese, but were born in America, you would still get a lot of attention because your dress and hair style, skin tone, mannerisms and certain body and facial features would give it away that you are not a native Japanese. Also, there has been and still remains a long prejudice in Japan with regards to their Asian neighbors, especially China and Korea. However, with the recent adoption in Japan of contemporary youth culture from their foreign neighbors, and especially Korea, the new generation of Japanese are much less prejudiced. Aside from all this, my contention is the Japanese are essentially kind and friendly people who will be open and willing to be friends with you, as long as you make an effort to show them the kindness and respect that you expect them to give you. I am a Korean American myself, and I have been to Japan six times (and I am only 20 years old). I have never had hate or racism afflicted upon me, and I love going there because the cities are so exciting and the people are kind and generous.

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