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Foreign Students In The Usa

Elsie Said:

Are most female Japanese foreign students in USA Bisexual And we just don't think of it?

We Answered:

more then likely they just don't like you

JK (although that just might be the case)

in all seriousness its probably because as you said your not white. and people become foreign exchange students because they want to experience something different. and that includes romantic relationships and if they can have someone like you back at home... well you get the idea best of luck

and as the previous poster said Japan is a much more sexually open culture then the U.S. could ever be. but i could understand why you would think that way. the media here in the U.S. wants us to believe that were always on the edge and pushing the limits and that my be true for some things but as far as sex culture/freedom goes were behind just about every other first world country(and some third and second) with the exception of Russia but their not officially a first would country yet

Sherri Said:

Is it Possible to apply for the Dv lottery while studying as a foreign student is USA?

We Answered:

yes you can apply here and its free to enter online.dont pay money to enter on those other sites because those are scams.only enter on the state department dont have to go home to enter but if you win i think you have to go home to get the greencard from the american embassy.

Craig Said:

Pl. suggest good university for MS in biotechnology in USA for foreign students?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Eric Said:

can any one tell me what is very needed to pack for foreign students in USA?

We Answered:

An open mind, money and health insurance.

Jacqueline Said:

what are the possible post MBA courses in USA for foreign students?

We Answered:


Alberto Said:

Diplomatic Training schools in The USA for Foreign Students?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as a diplomatic training school per se. However, there are many schools in the Unites States that offer degrees in subjects that are useful for people who intend to work in foreign affairs.

Diplomatic training is offered to members of the US Foreign Service and select agencies at the Foreign Service Institute, located in Arlington, Virginia.
However, this is not open to general enrollment.

If you wish to study foreign affairs, there are some schools that are recognized as being very strong in this field. Many American Diplomats are graduates of these schools and you might check out their websites for a complete listing of their offerings and degree programs.

The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service by far puts the largest amount of officers into the Foreign Service Service. This school has undergraduate and graduate programs with emphases in different areas, but one generally gets a BSFS or MSFS (Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service or Masters). Drawback: bring a hefty wallet to pay your fees. Plus: located in Washington DC, prepares students for Foreign Service exam, professors are "well connected."

For graduate studies, I would recommend the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), also located in Washington, DC. Same pluses and minuses as Georgetown.

George Washington University (the Elliot School) (to keep the selections to DC) produces a lot of Foreign Service Officers (15 percent of foreign service officers have a degree from one of these three schools) from a variety of excellent programs.…

To add to the above list, one can include the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University; Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts University; Columbia University; Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; and numerous other schools. Many public schools are getting quite a few of its graudates in the Foreign Service, including the University of California system (Irvine, Riverside and Berkley), University of Texas, Michigan, and Virgina. Another solid option is the small but excellent Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

As a foreign student, you can study foreign affairs or international relations at any of these schools. You should contact the United States Embassy nearest you and look into the Fullbright program, which would provide you, potentially a scholarship and stipend to attend one of these schools.…

However, one has to wonder why you would want to study diplomacy in the United States. As a foreigner you would not be eligible to serve in the US Foreign Service; at least not until you would be a United States Citizen, and you aren't supposed to immigrate with a student visa. Most countries that don't have diplomatic schools and hire or appoint their diplomats from their priveleged classes don't pay their diplomats very well, making the 60,000 USD you would have to invest in a graduate degree at Georgetown or more for a four year bachelor's degree, a poor return on investment.

I might recommend an undergraduate course in economics (a good subject for a diplomat) followed by graduate work in Foreign Affairs in the US under scholarship if you are competitive. This will give you an economics degree to fall back on if you can't become a diplomat (if that is what you want to do).

Good luck. Hope you find this helpful.

Mabel Said:

Which is the best and affordable university for MBA in USA for Foreign students ?

We Answered:

The Official MBA Guide provides a lot of information about the MBA degree and MBA schools and programs. It's a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. It allows you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, executive, and accelerated), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. Schools report their accreditation status, tuition cost, number of students, class sizes, program length, and a lot of other data. Schools provide data on entrance requirements, program costs, program characteristics, joint degrees, and much more. You can use the Guide to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria. It's the best service available at

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