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Claudia Said:

can anyone tell me how I can study abroad free?

We Answered:

It depends on what year you are in school. If you have received an undregraduate degree (or will in the coming year), and really are as clever as you say, you can apply for a Fulbright Fellowship to do research and take classes abroad for a year. They (typically) pay for your airfare and provide a monthly stipend that should be sufficient to live on. Unfortunately the application deadline for the coming year has passed. Considering applying for the 2008-2009 school year. Deadlines are in October (apply through your college).

Lonnie Said:

how to study abroad free?

We Answered:

Rotary International is the closest to free you can get. You would have to pay for your expenses to where ever you go, but your host family generally pays for your living expenses. You will also pay for your own purchases (clothing, gifts,
etc). To participate in a Rotary Program is free, they do not charge kids to do the exchange program. Rotary also generally gives its exchangers a stipend, around $50 usd a month.
Rotary does do a interview process and does have requirements as well ie: must attend high school in host country, behave yourself etc.
My daughter just did a year abroad in Brazil (from here in the USA). Loved every second of it.

If your in college, your mostly out of luck. Although, Rotary does have a program for college students but it has different requirements than the high school plan. It is called a "ambassador" program. You can google it.

good luck, and remember "no such thing as a free lunch"!! Nothing is completely free...

Laurie Said:

how can we study abroad for free???

We Answered:

Depends on if the broad is willing...

Arthur Said:

Where can I study photography for free? I'm Brazilian and want to study abroad.?

We Answered:

hey are you in the UK now?
You should be able to study any where you want... I know that you can do voluntary work in Africa all over one place that i would suggest going to Gambia they are a very run down county there is a place called SOS they help children with no parents. you can find them here on their web site.
i went here to visit its such a run down place but the children are so happy, you can help by taking things over for then like pens and sweets.

here you can find information on studying and working abroad…

Andrew Said:

How to go for free courses of english abroad?

We Answered:

im not sure about a website but just look around the internet on Google searches for free education.

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charlene mae said:

how can i sutdy abroad for free? im a filipino and a freshmen student on secondary level.... i want to study in a broad... i have no father, im belong to broken family.

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