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Fulbright International Students

Ethel Said:

Fulbright schorlarship for international student how to impress commitee on interview?

We Answered:

The word “interview” itself makes a person tense and nervous who needs to appear in the interview. It is normal human behaviour to become confused or get tensed but such things can be overcome with practice, learning from seniors and elders, thru own experience. At my time internet was not available. These days Internet is a rich source of information. U can learn many things about the interview by visiting the websites the links of which are given below. On some websites u will find questions also along with answers which are frequently asked and questions pertaining to ur requirement can also be found there provided u surf on them thoroughly and consciously. It will improve ur performance remarkably. If will infuse a high level of confidence in u. It will make u more frank and it will develop diplomatic qualities in u too. Overall, I would say that it will give an impetus to ur personality development.…
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Please visit the above pages. I hope, it helps u.

Ashley Said:

graduate admissions, statement of purpose q&a. please help!?

We Answered:

I saw the response you got, and wanted to elaborate a bit. I have used many services online, from the most expensive (you get what you pay for, right?) to the cheapest...never mind about the cheapest! Nonetheless, I have in fact used personalwriters, as well, and can attest to their quality. More than this, though, I found that they actually cared about what they do, more so than other places where they charged, basically per hour what these guys charged for a whole document.

Hope this helps.

-- Will

Julio Said:

PHD industrial engineering admissions?

We Answered:

You are a strong candidate. Apply and hopefully you will be accepted./

Anne Said:

Does anyone have ideas on what countries would support a Fulbright Scholar canidate interested in education?

We Answered:

Your lack of knowledge of a second language will hurt you.

You probably would be best off in England , Canada or Australia where English is the major language. Why don't you google it. You can try using the search term as mentor affiliation + Higher education + (name of country) no parentheses for name of country but place the phrase Higher education in parentheses).

Try other scholarships as well.

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