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Full Scholarships For International Undergraduate Students

Greg Said:

what kinds of graduate schools in US can I get full scholarship?

We Answered:

If they don't offer you a full tuition waiver and stipend, don't accept - every physics student can get that at some grad school. I suggest you apply to the lower-ranked state universities - they won't be as demanding about test scores. Some don't even require you send them the physics GRE score. However, they will have a minimum TOEFL score - because you'll be required to teach labs for a few years, and they need your students to understand you. Some states that have decent, but not highly-ranked programs, are Montana, South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Look into schools there, and good luck.

Reginald Said:

Which colleges should I apply to? What are my chances at the ivies,MIT,stanford,etc?

We Answered:

The good news: You have great grades and SAT scores -- which means that you should be able to get into an excellent university in the United States.

The bad news: While your SAT scores are excellent -- about 80% of those admitted to Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the other Ivies have better SAT scores.

Harvard only accepts 10% of those who apply. If half of those who apply are qualified (and I suspect that the number is actually higher), then qualified students only have a 20% chance of getting in.

You have a chance at the top schools -- but I think it is unlikely that you will get in. You have a better chance at some of the top public universities, the better Liberal Arts colleges or private universities just below the elite universities.

Walter Said:

i need medicine scholarship u know how i can get it ?

We Answered:

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Heidi Said:

Can you guide me to a scholarship and through the scholarship process?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

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